Best Tips on How to Cater for a Large Group

Cater Tips for a Large Group

Organising a corporate event for a large group of attendees is quite exciting. With so many different flavours and diets, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Contacting a corporate catering service is great when you need extra assistance. In addition to catering, they’ll handle beverage options, personnel, supplies, and other food-related concerns.


Organising catering for large events is labour-intensive, but it is undoubtedly rewarding. You can also feel satisfied knowing people enjoy the food you helped create. When planning the day, there are still a few things to remember. This post will give you insight into the most effective ways to cater to a large group of people to make your event successful. Let’s get started. 

Best Tips for Catering to a Large Group

Listed below are some of the best catering tips for large groups.


Preparation is the Key to Success

Your caterer will appreciate all the information you can provide. Early planning will help a professional caterer meet your needs, whether for a multi-day event or a client lunch.

There are many factors to consider, including the type of event, the time of day, the budget, the venue, the number of attendees, and the duration. Business caterers are adaptable and can offer customised services. Consider using a high-end caterer or service like MIii Asian Catering, whose staff has a wealth of knowledge.


Let your guests know if they have any dietary restrictions, so there are delicious food options. An event manager can help your event run smoothly and professionally as group sizes grow. 


Consider the Event Style

After establishing your guest list, you must determine your event’s style. Are you more comfortable with a formal occasion or a more casual gathering? Ensure the event catering you choose is appropriate and fits the event’s type.

Do you want your visitors to sit or stand? It’s best to provide canapés and meals without cutlery if people are standing or there is minimal seating. Consider how different menu items may complement each other after doing some research.

Confirm Guest Numbers

It is essential to plan for any major project to succeed. To choose a menu that will please everyone, you need to know the exact number of guests you will have. 

Design a Menu

While throwing a party, it’s ideal for serving food that everyone will enjoy. Undoubtedly, oysters are one of your favourite foods, but they may not be a favourite of everyone. 

When planning a large gathering, your friends and relatives probably have different dining preferences. Therefore, it’s crucial to figure out what dishes each person enjoys. Maybe some visitors will even bring their favourite meal, particularly if there is a family reunion.

Estimate Quantities

It can be challenging to figure out what to serve at a large gathering. The key is to find the right balance between eating enough food and too much food simultaneously. What is a sufficient amount?

After selecting your recipes and finalising your guest list, you should figure out how much of each food you need. If a recipe calls for four servings, calculate the measurements if you reduce them by three quarters to serve one. You need to multiply these serving-size calculations by the number of visitors.

Make the Ingredients Ready

You should complete as much as you can in advance. It will prevent you from rushing around and stressing out on the day of the event. You should ensure that your refrigerator has sufficient space for storing all the prepared food.

Provide Enough Serving Space

Choosing what to serve at a party or wedding reception can be challenging, but you can make things easier by setting up your serving area. Although you might have to choose based on your own experiences, it’s always better to choose an option that appeals to most people.

Plan Catering Menus and Serving Orders

When serving hot meals, keep plates warm, so they don’t cool too quickly. Ensure hot items are served first to prevent cold food from rotting too quickly. Take precautions!

Please make sure you plan everything by writing it down and passing it back and forth when working with others. Before doing anything else, ensure they understand what needs to happen next. This way, you can get everything ready at once.

Make sure there is enough space for people to move around. If you have a large gathering or group coming over, ensure enough space for mingling and socialising. Although you may think it’s obvious, having a limited space could cause problems down the road.

Equipment Check

If you use a separate kitchen for the occasion, check the equipment to ensure you have the appropriate tools. You’ll need extra equipment to cater to a large crowd to keep up with demand.

Cooking involves many considerations, from utensils and pans to mixers and refrigerator storage. List everything in the kitchen and any items you might need to rent or purchase. Nevertheless, when you hire a catering service, they will take care of all the necessary tools and equipment to cater for large groups.

Final Word

That’s all for today’s roundup. You may find catering for a large group challenging, but you can accomplish it by following the tips listed above. Therefore, we recommend hiring trustworthy caterers to handle all the necessary staff on your behalf. We at Mii Asian Catering have a team of professionals providing superior catering services for your event. To book, contact us today.

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